About Us

Moon Farms is a third generation working farm that originated over 80 years ago. L.M. Moon along with his wife, Reba, began farming in the Colbert area during the early 1940’s. Together they started row cropping cotton and grains on rented land in the area and land they purchased along Georgia Highway 72. This land is still what we call Moon Farms today.
During the 1970’s, L.M. and Reba’s oldest son, Dennis, became more and more interested in the farm. When the time came, he made the decision to join his father in the farming business. L.M. and Dennis continued to purchase and rent land in order to plant more row crops and raise cattle. Eventually, they chose to build the first three poultry broiler houses that still stand today. When you come visit us take a look behind the strawberry fields and you will see the original poultry houses. They are still in production today!
In 1995, Dennis added four more broiler houses that brought the total number to seven for several years. With time, it was only natural for Russ, Dennis’s son, to develop a love for the farm and get involved with the business. Russ and his wife Mandy decided to dive into the business and build four broiler houses themselves in 2005.
Today, Moon Farms has grown to over 1350 acres of owned and rented land in three counties. Moon Farms predominately harvests soybeans, wheat, corn and grain sorghum in addition to raising beef cattle. In 2010, Russ and Mandy made the decision to take the farm to a new level and add you-pick strawberries and open up to the public as Moon Farms Country Market. Moon Farms Country Market is now up to 4 acres of strawberries in production annually. We are excited to be able to share our working farm with you!